Why does Fargo experience spring flooding?

Fargo, ND, and the surrounding area experiences a flood season every year from February to May, as a result of winter snow melting and rising water levels in the Red River. Not only does the river rise, but the river flows north into Canada where the water there is still frozen. All of that water has nowhere to go so it begins to flood areas along the river.

How are TrapBags used for flood protection in Fargo?

To combat this, in recent years the city of Fargo, ND has installed over 12 miles of TrapBags to protect the city from flooding. Fargo’s adjacent county, Cass County, has also installed over 8 miles of TrapBags for flood protection.

TrapBags are part of the Phase II of flood response by the city of Fargo, and are installed after roads have been closed in affected areas. If you’re looking for steps to take to protect your home from flooding, the city has tips on avoiding flood damage in Fargo.

TrapBags serve as a great solution for Fargo, not only because of their success at holding back flood waters but because they’re easy to store and can be installed very quickly when needed. 

Can flooding in Fargo be prevented long-term?

Rapidly deployable flood barriers are a great solution as a reactive measure, and it’s ideal to have TrapBags at the ready as a proactive measure. Flooding can be a long-term, decades or centuries-long problem, however, and Fargo is working on a permanent solution to the spring flooding problems with the FM Area Diversion Project

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