Erosion Control

Erosion occurs when any force (terrestrial, aquatic, or human) leads to the destruction of soil, cliffs, coasts or other natural landscape features.

TrapBag® products can be a solution for many types of erosion. TrapBag® is a low cost, rapid deploy erosion control barrier bag similar to, yet superior than, conventional sandbags.

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Mining Industry

TrapBag® barriers can help the mining industry by providing retaining walls, diversion barriers, tailings dams, erosion control barriers as well as check dams and emergency containment for leachate spills. 

The TrapBag® has been used to elevate berms, contain cyanide spills, redirect mudflows and provide flood protection in the mining sector. The TrapBag® is rapidly deployable as a ready response to liquid and earthen emergencies in remote mines.

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Flood Protection

Floods can be caused by many different factors: heavy rainfall, highly accelerated snowmelt, hurricanes, severe winds over water, unusually high tides, tsunamis, failures of dams, levees, dikes, retention basins or other structures that retain water. Complete cities, city areas or private property owners can install TrapBag® Flood Barriers for creating temporary or semi-permanent flood protection against these type of flood events.

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Mudslide Protection

Mudslides, also known as debris flows, are a serious problem for people living in areas with large hills and mountains, have caused billions of dollars in damages, and taken thousands of lives across the world. A well positioned TrapBag® barrier system will redirect these mountain floods and mudflows to avoid unnecessary damage to property and residents that would otherwise be in danger.

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Spill Control

TrapBags are rapidly deployable in an emergency situation. When large spills happen it is usually an emergency and needs to be contained ASAP, which is why TrapBags are the best solution. They can be deployed very rapidly. You simply pull the bags out and fill them, and you’ll quickly have a system in place to control the large spill.

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Whether you need a short barrier or a tall one, we have you covered with bags in multiple sizes that, like traditional small to large sandbags, can be stacked on top of each other to give you endless protection options. TrapBag® barriers are filled with sand, gravel, or concrete.

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River Stabilization

A major key to protecting your river property is to maintain, stabilize, and repair your riverbank. This river edge is the bulwark that stands in the soil and prevents your property from washing away. It is an essential part of the whole river ecosystem. The TrapBag® barrier system can be applied to stabilize the riverbank for temporary, semi-permanent or even permanent purposes when filled with concrete.

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Dune Stabilization

Dunes protect other areas from erosion and flooding but during storm surge events the foot of dunes get eroded. By installing TrapBags® in the core of a dune you ensure that a system is in place for protection even if the rest of the dune is compromised during a storm event.  All over the world sand dunes are under heavy attack from higher sea levels and more severe weather conditions as a result of the continuous process of global warming. By installing a TrapBag® barrier system inside the dune core, the erosion of the dune can be slowed down drastically or even brought to a halt.

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Stormwater Containment

The TrapBag® containment systems have become the protection and prevention barrier of choice for governments, businesses, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and others who need a cost-effective, proven system that is rapidly deployable to protect their location against flooding.

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Dams, Dikes, Levees & Water Barriers

Dams, dikes, levees, and water barriers are all methods of flood protection. These flood protection systems are similar, but can be used in different scenarios. TrapBags® can be used in any of these cases to effectively control the flow of water and protect land and property.

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TrapBag® has been proven to withstand whatever mother nature brings to bear from mudslides and floods to hurricanes, coastal storms and intense wave action, our barriers have seen it all. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term erosion control, TrapBag® is a strong option that will last.

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Other Solutions

TrapBag® was originally intended to function as an easily installed flood control barrier designed to provide a quick and easy way to fight flooding. Besides acting as an alternative to sandbags, many other uses for our barrier bags have been discovered, including beach erosion, mudslides, storm surges, levee breaching, cofferdams, gravity walls, MSE walls, and more.

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