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Erosion Control

Protect Banks & Shorelines with Soft Shoreline Stabilization

June 28, 2022
Find out how TrapBags can help you provide soft shoreline stabilization and protect banks. Erosion can be devastating, but we can help.
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Using TrapBags as Temporary Barriers

June 28, 2022
TrapBags® can serve as a reliable temporary barrier solution to flooding, erosion, spill control, coastal construction, and along shorelines.
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Preventing Hurricane Bridge Damage with TrapBag Barriers

June 28, 2022
Stay prepared and prevent devastating bridge damage with TrapBag® barriers. Keep your community safe from hurricane damage with our help.
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Missouri River Flood Control

May 18, 2022
Communities along the Missouri River are still in need of a reliable flood control method. TrapBag barriers offer a leakproof solution.