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  • 2 ft TrapBag® Barriers – TBR60 – 15m (50 ft) Sections

  • 2′ TrapBag® Barriers – TBRD60 Double Walls w/ Lids

  • 4 ft TrapBag® Barriers – TBR120 – 15m (50 ft) Sections

  • 4 ft TrapBag® Barriers – TBRD120 Double Walls w/ Lids – 15m (50 ft) Sections

  • Hog Ring Gun

  • Scour Skirt – 15m (50 ft) Sections


More About Our Products

What Is a Cofferdam Flood Barrier?

A cofferdam is an enclosure inside a body of water that keeps the surrounding water out so workers can safely operate on dry ground. Rather than a seawall, dike, or levee system, a cofferdam exists within a body of water instead of on the border to keep water from getting out. Workers pump water out of the contained cofferdam area and into the surrounding lake or stream. 

Our cofferdam barriers consist of 5-foot modules and come in 33-foot sections. A 33-foot unit costs $3,300, but the price decreases when you order in bulk. Ordering 5 cofferdam barriers puts the price at $2,888 each and ordering 8 or more costs $2,475 per unit. 

What Is a Scour Skirt?

Scour skirts are installed on structures on the sea floor or bottom of the stream to prevent scouring of said structures by sand and other sediment. Scouring scratches and devalues the base of the structure. 

Our scour skirts come in 50-foot sections and are $500 each, decreasing depending on how many are ordered. Ordering 5 scour skirts reduces the prices to $375 each, and ordering 8 or more reduces the price to just $250 each. 

What Is a Hog Ring Gun?

Hog rings are fasteners used to securely close mesh and fabric bags, or to attach fabric to other materials. They can be used to secure TrapBags shut and prevent the fill from spilling. Buy a hog ring gun conveniently with your TrapBag order to receive all the necessary tools for installation.

Get the Ultimate Flood Protection with TrapBag 

Commercial Flood Damage Mitigation

TrapBag can be used to create a flood barrier system such as a levee or seawall. When used as flood prevention products, our bags create a sturdy temporary barrier that elevates the waterline of a body of water, preventing it from bursting through and devastating the landscape. 

Flood protection is an investment in your business. Flood barriers can save companies thousands by preventing the need for repair costs after flooding. Not only will a flood cost money, but it will also temporarily leave your workers without an office and potentially destroy important assets that can’t be recovered. 

We’re happy to help protect your business from commercial flood damage. Protecting your office property or storefront by deploying a flood barrier system may even allow you to write off the purchase as a business expense. 

Flood Barriers for Engineering

Our TrapBags are reliable when used as flood protection barriers and have helped with several natural disasters. Civil engineering projects can utilize TrapBag flood barriers to uphold bridges, roads, dams, and other city infrastructure to protect buildings in high flood risk areas. Organizations in charge of coastal engineering can also benefit from deploying TrapBag products to maintain local shorelines. 

TrapBag Barriers for Construction

Construction projects aren’t always met with favorable weather conditions. When a work site is affected by excess rain or melted snow, TrapBags can be used to create dry land to work on. They can also create a temporary dam to work on construction projects within a body of water. Erosion can also negatively impact construction sites, and our products can be used for erosion prevention. 

Barriers for Flood Disaster Relief

Hurricanes, tsunamis, and stormwater floods can devastate communities. City and township governments can create flood barriers that protect citizens and public land from the ecological disasters of flooding. Flood prevention is an investment in the infrastructure of any moderate- to high-risk location, and can avoid thousands of dollars in repair costs. 

TrapBag for Marine Services

Many marine services, such as boat repairs, take place in the water. Using TrapBag, a cofferdam can be created, leaving an area of dry land in which to operate. Marine construction, such as lighthouse building or the construction of oil rigs, can also use TrapBag products to create a safe and dry working environment. 

Flood and Erosion Prevention for Environmental Maintenance

The impacts of flooding and erosion can ruin the habitat of many species of native animals, and kill native plants. Erosion and flooding are bad for the environment, and TrapBag can be used by environmental protection agencies and organizations to protect the land. 

Home Flood Protection Barriers

Home flood protection barriers protect your property and valuable items from the damage caused by flooding. In many cases, flooding is a state of emergency, and our flood barrier bags are designed to be rapidly deployed and readily available when you need them most. 

Erosion Control

Lake Erosion Control

Great Lakes and ocean shorelines are sensitive environments that can be completely reshaped in a matter of months. The storms and blizzards that our lakeshores endure greatly erode the sand and soil of our properties. 

Lakes with beaches have no protection from harsh erosion in the form of vegetation, and their banks of loose granular sediment are easily destroyed. TrapBag is an easy way to prevent erosion and protect your property’s landscape. Construct a wall using TrapBag to create an erosion prevention system and increase the longevity of local shorelines.

Stream and River Erosion Control

Using TrapBags for stream and river erosion control prevents water from carving out an increasingly deep and large channel that overtakes land. It also keeps unwanted sediment from getting into the water during storms. 

The negative effects of uncontrolled stream and river bank erosion are numerous. Erosion can eventually lead to increased pollution and waterway clogging, which can be hazardous to native wildlife that lives in the water. Using TrapBag not only helps to protect towns and businesses but also protects the environment. 

Learn More About TrapBag Flood Barrier and Erosion Prevention Products

If you have any questions about our products, we are more than happy to help. Contact us or give us a call to talk about flooding and erosion prevention methods, or about using our products for any other project. Our phone line has 24/7 assistance available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Shipping is free when you order any of our products. The product is shipped out the next business day after you make your order and payment is made. 

How Can TrapBags Be Used?

TrapBag can be used in a variety of industries including mining, construction, civil and coastal engineering, marine services, metalworks, government projects, and environmental protection services. It’s a wonderful solution for spill control, flooding and erosion prevention, dune stabilization, protection against mudslides, and stormwater containment.