Importance of Flood Contractors

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), just one inch of water can result in $25,000 in property damages. Flood control contractors are in charge of implementing structures, such as dams and water barriers, to protect people and land from potential flooding caused by storms, rising tides, and melting snow. These efforts can keep residents safe and save the community money by avoiding potentially devastating damage from water.

Traditional Flood Control Methods

Traditional flood control methods involve walls that are composed of steel, heavy-duty flood gates. These structures need to be secured into the ground using heavy machinery, making the process potentially expensive and time-consuming. While reliable and sturdy, traditional flood control methods may not be ideal for contractors who are working with a strict budget or timeline. 

Flood Control Construction

A proper flood control structure is essential to protecting both coastal and non-coastal municipalities. For coastal areas, rising sea levels and beach erosion pose a threat to people and land, while non-coastal areas face potential damages from drastic rainfall, ice melt, and storms. Whatever the cause, flood control construction can prevent devastation and reduce the economic struggles caused by flooding.

Permanent & Temporary Flood Control Structures

TrapBags offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional flood control structures and a more reliable option than regular sandbags. TrapBags can be filled with gravel or sand to act as temporary flood control barriers, or concrete can be used for a permanent solution. Depending on the flood control contractor’s needs, TrapBags can be used as a variety of structures. 

Flood Barriers

Flooding can occur from conditions such as rapidly melting snow, heavy rainfall, storms, high tides, and dam or levee failures. Flood barriers can protect cities and land that are at risk for these conditions. TrapBags act as a line of cells that can be filled with sand, gravel, or concrete depending on how permanent the contractor wants them to be. When filled, these cells act as a strong, leakproof barrier against flooding conditions to keep people and their property safe and dry. 


Seawalls are structures built on shorelines to protect coastal properties from rising sea levels, storm surges, and beach erosion. Seawalls are typically made out of strong materials such as rock, wood, or concrete. However, traditional seawalls can worsen erosion in parts of the beach that aren’t protected. TrapBags offer a reliable flood control solution and can be used as a temporary seawall to protect the property and lower the risk of accelerated erosion. 

Infrastructure Support

Infrastructure refers to highways, roads, bridges, dams, and other essential structures that support a fully functioning society. Damage to these structures can be detrimental to those in the community. TrapBags offer infrastructure support to protect these essential structures from flooding, storms, erosion, and other potentially damaging events. 

Diversion Walls

Diversion walls can redirect water from floods or heavy rainfall away from properties, specifically those at the bottom of a hillside. The water can then be saved in a nearby facility and used during dry periods. TrapBags can be used to create a structure that redirects high water, keeping the infrastructure, property, and people safe. 


Dams can be used to assist with the building of structures that are in water, such as bridges. Using a dam to stop the flow of water allows the area to dry out so that construction can begin. The dam is then removed when construction is complete. TrapBags act as an effective, temporary dam structure as they can effectively block the water, then be quickly and easily deconstructed and reused later. 


Levees are structures that protect land that is at a high risk of flooding, such as properties along rivers. Traditional levees are composed of sand, rock, or soil. However, TrapBags offer a more effective solution, protecting cities, homes, and land from devastating flooding.  


Cofferdams can be used to pump water out of a location, allowing construction or repairs to be done in a dry environment. TrapBag cofferdams are cost-effective and can be placed quickly without needing to infiltrate the ground, allowing for construction to get started without delay. Then, when construction is complete, TrapBag cofferdams can be easily removed. 

Emergency Flood Protection

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms can be unpredictable and result in emergency flooding. In these cases, action needs to be taken quickly in order to minimize damages and save lives. TrapBags provide a quick solution to emergency flood protection because they can be rapidly deployed, assisting flood control contractors who are brought in on short notice. 

Construction Site Protection

A lot can happen during the construction process that can result in time and financial setbacks. Not only do TrapBags assist with construction in water, but they can also be used to protect a land construction site from flooding and erosion. TrapBags can also help flood control contractors that are building more traditional structures, offering temporary protection while they are installing the permanent walls. 

Flood Control Construction Made Easy

TrapBags are a versatile option that provides superior flood control. TrapBags require 40% less material than regular sandbags, making them a cost-effective alternative to many other flood barriers. With the ability to be filled with concrete, Trap Bags can also offer a permanent solution without needing to infiltrate the ground.

Advantages of Using TrapBag 

Some of the advantages of using TrapBags for flood control construction include:

  • More efficient than traditional sandbags
  • Reliable with a leakproof accordion structure 
  • Easy to install and remove if necessary
  • Quick to deploy for fast-acting flood protection
  • More affordable than other methods of barriers, such as steel walls or concrete blocks
  • Versatile with the ability to be used as a temporary or permanent solution 
  • Reusable

Get Your Preferred Flood Protection Barrier

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