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What is TrapBag?

TrapBag® is a low cost, rapid deploy, engineered flood and erosion control barrier bag system designed to protect life and property from natural disasters.

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TrapBags used for riverbank stabilization

Property Protection

Those who live or have businesses near rivers, lakes, riverbanks and coastlines are under the ever-present danger of flooding from snow melt, storms and hurricanes. The TrapBag® containment systems have become the protection and prevention barrier of choice for governments, businesses, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and others who need a cost-effective, proven system that is rapidly deployable to protect their location against flooding. 

The TrapBag® containment systems are an excellent choice for protecting public property and  property flood protection.

Infrastructure Protection

There is an ongoing international effort to secure critical infrastructure locations from all flooding hazards by managing risk and enhancing resilience through collaboration and planning with worldwide operating professional companies. TrapBag® barriers are already playing an important role to realize fast solutions with limited installation times at much lower cost than competitors.

Make TrapBag® barriers part of your infrastructure protection plan because they offer extensive flood protection and flood management of infrastructure.

Water Reservoirs

A water reservoir made from single or stacked TrapBag® barriers can be installed quickly for emergency, semi-permanent, or permanent needs. These reservoirs are suitable for water storage for agricultural use or to create temporary water reservoirs for fire fighting in bushfire sensitive areas.

What is a water reservoir?

A water reservoir is a man-made lake or pond where water is held. Water reservoirs are formed when a dam is constructed across rivers.

Gravity Walls

A gravity wall is another type of retaining wall which can be used in a smaller area. Gravity walls are different from other retaining walls because they rely on just their own weight.

MSE Walls

What does “MSE” wall stand for? 

MSE stands for “Mechanically Stabilized Earth.” 

What is an MSE wall? 

An MSE wall is a structure composed of backfill and soil reinforcement in alternating layers which is fixed to a wall. The tension and friction between the MSE wall and the wall facing helps stabilize the system.

Downhill movement of soil, rocks, mud, and other debris can either go slow or fast; it is an ongoing process due to heavy rain, snowfall and high temperature fluctuations in the mountains. Poor construction and maintenance on roads are contributing factors in damage to property and loss of life when falling debris lands on vehicles. TrapBag® barrier bags can be stacked to help reduce or even stop falling debris from causing destruction on roads; all for a relatively low cost and short installation period.

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