Keep Your Community Safe from Floods

Climate change is a major factor in the increased intensity of hurricanes. Coastal and inland communities need to take action to protect themselves from the potential devastation a hurricane will cause. With rising sea levels and surface temperatures of our oceans, hurricanes are only becoming more devastating than ever. There is a long list of ways to prevent the worst of the damage, and TrapBag® flood barriers can solve many of the items listed.

On average, ten tropical storms develop over the oceans yearly.  Many remain over the ocean, but about six storms become hurricanes. About five hurricanes will strike the United States coastline in any given three-year period. Two of those will be major hurricanes.

As one of the most powerful storms in nature, hurricanes not only create insanely strong winds, but also bring heavy rainfall. This rainfall creates storm surge flooding and eventually inland flooding. To protect your community, preventative measures and flood control are extremely necessary. 

TrapBag offers solutions for hurricane mitigation and other natural disasters.

The Effects of Hurricane Flooding

bridge damage mitigation with TrapBags

Scouring is an awful process that begins with the loss of the top bed of soil around the major bridge components. This is caused by the extreme water flow and can make a huge difference quickly. Bridge stability is guaranteed to be affected, often leading to foundation failure. Often, this failure comes without warning due to continued inaction. Over 60% of bridge failures in the nation are the effect of scouring.

The large amounts of water and debris brought in with each hurricane will negatively impact the local bridge stability as the base of the bridge is continuously depleted. In turn, this leads to safety concerns for the community that utilizes the bridge.

  • Causes dangerous situations: Bridge failure due to continued scouring can put residents in extremely risky situations. Failure happens often without warning. People and structures near a failing bridge site could be impacted by intense flooding and a possible collapse. 
  • Disrupts daily life: A damaged bridge will likely be closed until repair is possible. This can cause a huge disruption to the daily life of locals and surrounding communities. There will be impacts on the ability to safely and quickly distribute goods and the transportation industry will take the brunt of the impact.
  • Incurs large reparative costs: In 2020, a barge owner was found at fault after a hurricane led to his fleet majorly damaging the surrounding property. During Hurricane Sally, multiple barges collided with the Pensacola Bay Bridge. The case ended with The District Court placing the barge owner as negligent. This is just one of hundreds of ways hurricanes and flooding can cause damage to bridges, buildings, and other nearby infrastructure. 

Create a Floodproof Bridge with TrapBags

Bridge damage beforeCreating a flood-proof bridge is vital for coastal communities that typically experience hurricanes. There are steps any community can take in preparation for a flood or hurricane event. 

Assess Threats in Advance

Planning in advance means saving no room for surprises. If you’ve already thought through every outcome and come up with solutions, you’ll never be caught off guard. Taking preventative measures in advance is arguably the most vital step in hurricane and flood protection. 

bridge damage after TrapBag installationAcquire Reliable Flood Protection

When it comes to bridges, offering more structural support as a method of flood prevention can mitigate the possibilities of devastating outcomes. TrapBag barriers can be used to provide this necessary structural support. Shop our solutions and get protected starting now.

Set Up & Stay Safe 

Setting up TrapBag barriers is simple. These barriers will ensure personnel and property are safe from the threats of flooding and bridge failure. They can be set up in advance quickly and make a noticeable difference in the long- and short-term future. 

TrapBags as Flood Barriers for Bridges

Bridge damage preventionTrapBags offer flood protection for infrastructure like bridges. They can form or reinforce your current preventative measures for a fool-proof response plan.

  • Dams, dikes, levees: These structures are already good preventative measures in flood scenarios, but TrapBags can offer even more protection. You can prevent bridge flooding or collapse during a hurricane by creating a bonding trench. Dig a ditch approximately two bags wide and one bag deep. Place bags in the trenches at the center point of your dam and build layers on top.
  • Stormwater containment: Large surges of storm water almost always lead to flooding of some degree. TrapBags provide a range of solutions for stormwater containment and other scenarios.
  • Diversion walls: Diversion walls add an extra layer of stability. They’re used to divert the flow of water and lessen the effects of flooding. TrapBag can reinforce these diversion walls and other structures to ensure a successful water flow management.
  • Erosion control: The sheet erosion caused by an influx of hurricane and flood water can be controlled with TrapBags. If other prevention methods are already in place, TrapBag can further stabilize the sand and earth by securing it from strong waves and water flow. 

Effective Hurricane Flood Protection

bridge damage prevention measures in actionTrapBags offer qualities that make them the ideal solution in providing support and preventing flooding during natural disasters. In comparison to other flood bag methods, TrapBags always come out on top.

  • Cost-effective: TrapBags require less fill than traditional methods like sandbags. In the long run, this saves money without lacking in efficiency.
  • Durable: TrapBags are long lasting due to their high-strength textile and don’t require stacking.
  • Dependable: Their accordion structure creates a tight-knit design that allows only the smallest of leaks through. If small leaks might be an issue, this can be combated with an HDPE Visqueen Liner.
  • Rapidly deployable: They can be quickly deployed to offer immediate protection in an emergency.
  • Versatile: TrapBags offer both temporary and permanent solutions and can be filled with materials like sand, gravel, or concrete depending on the situation. 
  • Easy to install: In the event of devastating flooring, it’s necessary to combat the water quickly to prevent damage or even loss of life. They don’t require ground infiltration or the use of heavy machinery to install.

Prevent Disaster with TrapBag Flood Barriers

In the event of a hurricane, TrapBag barriers provide effective flood protection that saves lives and protects infrastructure. Keep your community safe and get prepared today. Shop our extensive selection of solutions today.



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