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Our President and founder, Everett "Buzz" Waid, first developed TrapBag® in 2004 , after Hurricane Charlie. He saw the damage left behind in the wake of the storm, as well as the ineffectiveness of traditional flood control systems and began developing an all-around better alternative. By 2010 the first TrapBag® barrier was manufactured and by July of the next year over 24 miles of our flood barrier were installed.

TrapBag® was originally intended to function as an easily installed flood control barrier designed to provide a quick and easy way to fight flash floods. Besides acting as an alternative to sandbags, many other uses for our barrier bags have been discovered, including Gravity Retaining Walls, MSE walls, check dam, and coastal erosion barrier. A full list of possible uses for the TrapBag® barrier system can be found under the solutions tab above.

We have been featured in the New York Times, New Jersey News, Fox News, The Gazette, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority publications as well as the Weather Channel.

Increasing Demand From The Mining Industry


We are expanding our services to the international market in response to demand from the mining industry. TrapBag® barriers can help the mining industry by providing retaining walls, diversion barriers, tailings dams, erosion control barriers as well as check dams and emergency containment for leachate spills. The trapbags have been used to elevate berms, contain cyanide spills, redirect mudflows and provide flood protection in the mining sector. The TrapBag® is rapidly deployable as a ready response to liquid and earthen emergency’s in remote mines. The TrapBag® is very lite and compact making it  easy to transport by air as well as easy to deploy with minimal labor. One  ground labor to pull out and connect the chains of cells (bags)  and two 3 meter frontend loaders can deploy and fill 100 to 150 lin. meters of 1.2 meter tall barrier per hr with minimal training.  TrapBag® has worked with private sector industries as well as global governments.


We have been fully tested by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) and have been approved for payment by FEMA. We have been used by many different states including New York, Michigan, Florida, and North Dakota.

For more information about how TrapBag® barriers will help fight erosion, protect against flooding and about our ability to respond urgently to natural & man-made disasters throughout the USA & internationally, call us today (239) 229-5285!

TrapBag® can be used to control chemical spills and hazardous waste incidents.

TrapBag® can be used to control chemical spills and hazardous waste incidents.

“You can’t always predict, but you can always be prepared.”


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TrapBag® is an international company based in the USA. We can respond immediately to supply and deploy TrapBag® where & when needed.