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Riverbank Stabilization

riverbank stabilization

A major key to protecting your river property is to maintain, stabilize, and repair your riverbank. This river edge is the bulwark that stands in the soil and prevents your property from washing away. It is an essential part of the whole river ecosystem. The TrapBag® barrier system can be applied to stabilize the riverbank for temporary, semi-permanent or even permanent purposes when filled with concrete.

Cemical/Oil Spill Control & Reservoirs


During chemical or oil spill situations a TrapBag® barrier reservoir can be set up quickly to provide additional time in stopping the spill or help in extending the logistic time schedule to remove the spill from the contaminated areas.

Dune Stabilization

dune stabilization

All over the world sand dunes are under heavy attack from higher sea levels and more severe weather conditions as a result of the continuous process of global warming. By installing a TrapBag® barrier system inside the dune core, the erosion of the dune can be slowed down drastically or even brought to a halt.

Gravity Walls & MSE Walls

gravity wall, mse wall

Downhill movements of soil, rocks, mud, and other debris can either go slow or fast; it is an ongoing process due to heavy rain, snowfall and high temperature fluctuations in the mountains. Poor construction and maintenance on roads are contributing factors in damage to property and loss of life when falling debris lands on vehicles. TrapBag® barrier bags can be stacked to help reduce or even stop falling debris from causing destruction on roads; all for a relatively low cost and short installation period.

Water Reservoirs


A reservoir made from single or stacked TrapBag® barriers can be installed quickly for emergency, semi-permanent, or permanent needs. These reservoirs are suitable for water storage for agricultural use or to create temporarily water reservoirs for fire fighting in bush fire sensitive areas.

Mudslide Redirection

mudslide redirection

Mudslides are a serious problem for people living in areas with large hills and mountains and have caused billions of dollars in damages and taken thousands of lives across the world. A mudslide, or debris flow, is a type of fast moving landslide that usually starts on a steep hillside as a shallow landslide that liquefies and accelerates to speeds that are typically around 10 miles per hour, but can exceed 35 miles per hour. A well positioned TrapBag® barrier system will redirect these mountain floods and mudslides to avoid unnecessary damage to property and residents that would otherwise be in danger.

Property Protection

property protection

Those who live or have businesses near rivers, lakes, riverbanks and coastlines are under the ever-present danger of flooding from snow melt, storms and hurricanes. The TrapBag® containment systems have become the protection and prevention barrier of choice for governments, businesses, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and others who need a cost-effective, proven system that is rapidly deployable to protect their location against flooding

Infrastructure Protection

infrastructure protection

There is an ongoing international effort to secure critical infrastructure locations from all flooding hazards by managing risk and enhancing resilience through collaboration and planning with worldwide operating professional companies. TrapBag barriers are already playing an important role to realize fast solutions with limited installation times at much lower cost than competitors.

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