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Flood Risk Training & Expertise Center Tests TrapBag® with dutch Defence Force flood mitigation Featured

netherlands flood testing2On the 26th. of June 2015 a delegation of TrapBag was present at the official signing ceremony for the start of WTEC at ’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

Signing partners f.l.t.r. Mr. Dronkers (D.G. RWS), General van Uhm, Mr.. Glas (Union of Water Boards).

RWS, de Union of Water Boards and Dutch Defense signed this agreement. WTEC is a center where governments, businesses and knowledge institutes combined, work on training and innovation in high water protection, evacuations and (under)-water emergencies. TrapBag is going to give input in WTEC as implementing it’s TrapBag construction as now already used on a large scale by U. S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE). Also test their latest innovation, the TBR 120. This is a cellular temporary water barrier, 1.20 m. high  that is self supporting.The new standard in flood control thumb

soldiers testing trapbag2   

As speed is of the essence during a water emergency, this TrapBag construction can be placed on 10 km. in half a day with the right skilled people and equipment. And just those items are available within the Dutch military.


Fill trapbag barrierTrapbag Barrier