TrapBag® Barrier Containment Systems for Flood Control, Erosion Control and Other Uses

TrapBag® flood barrier systems are a continuous cellular containment barrier used wherever prevention and protection from natural disasters and man-made disasters are required. TrapBag barriers are the perfect solution for flood protection, erosion control, mudslide protection and prevention, environmental pollution control, and many other uses. These are especially significant concerns for those who live or have businesses near rivers and other large bodies of water. Riverbanks, levees and coastlines are being destroyed by erosion and the ever-present danger of flooding from snow melt, storms and hurricanes. TrapBag containment systems have become the protection and prevention barrier of choice for governments, businesses, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and others who need a cost-effective proven system that is rapidly deployable to their location.

TrapBag® Barriers are Quickly Deployable

TrapBag® barriers systems are warehoused to be delivered quickly for easy setup and filled faster than most people would believe. The barriers can even be installed in flowing water. The segments are hung on a guide rail system of a mobile deployment device from which they can be filled from many types of excavators or wheeled loading equipment. The delivery system is simply pulled by a piece of equipment while the hopper is loaded and filled. A crew of four can provide up to one mile of TrapBag barrier protection in about 24 hours.

Wherever you live, anywhere in the world, TrapBag flood barrier system may be the answer you are looking for before or after disaster strikes. For more information about water control and flood control please call Sentinel Barriers at (239) 229-5285.

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